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If you have forgotten to book a recall, have a dental emergency or have just been referred to book using the website, you can use the link below to get started.

This online facility is not available for NHS patients at present.

Acceptance Policy - terms and conditions

Our practice promotes access to dental services, making it available for all patients. We offer Private (including Denplan / Simply Health) and general dental services under the NHS. Our patients must refer to the patient acceptance policy as found by clicking the button above.


For routine appointments

The practice encourages patients always to have a future appointment. This is so that treatment that is agreed to restore oral health can be carried out as planned. Also, our practice maintains our list of regular patients by offering a suitable recall appointment that the patient will have agreed with their usual dentist. We always offer appointments to patients who agree to be recalled for a dental examination. We will only see patients by appointment, and urge those who cannot make their appointment to contact the practice with at least 24 hours notice to cancel so the slot can be given to another patient. If you fail to do this and give less than 24 hours notice or forget to turn up to your appointment, you may not be booked for further appointments.


For emergency appointments

We advise patients whose general health is at risk due to severe infection or uncontrolled bleeding, and in the case of dental trauma to contact us immediately. Examples of the most critical level of dental emergency include, for example, a severe infection characterised by any one of the following: a facial swelling, elevated body temperature, difficulty in breathing or restricted opening of the mouth.
We operate an appointment system and have a dedicated triage system for less urgent emergencies. You may get in touch by telephone or visit us in person to book an appointment. The reception team are trained to ask patients questions about their dental health problem. Hence they will triage and make a suitable arrangement. It is not always possible to book patients to their preferred time slot, but we do try to whenever possible.


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