Fillings are used to repair or restore your teeth following tooth decay. There are options for you to discuss with the dentist regarding material that could be a silver amalgam, or a tooth coloured alternative to amalgam. It is still common to have silver amalgam fillings for back teeth, as it is hard wearing and long lasting. You may find useful external resource here. However, we encourage patients to discuss any concerns they have about amalgam with their dentist. Children under 16 years of age will not be offered amalgam but alternatives.




Dentures are sets of false teeth that replace missing teeth and therefore restores appearance and function. There are different options for denture types, and the dentist can discuss this with you. Private alternatives to NHS dentures are offered to fulfil the patient's cosmetic preferences



An extraction is where a tooth or teeth are removed. This can be due to problems like tooth decay, gum disease or a severe crack. There are times when the dentist may have to refer patients to a specialist for the extraction. Your dentist can talk to you more about how teeth can be replaced such as with a denture, bridge or implant.



Crowns are a type of restoration where a cap surrounds a tooth or implant. This is often needed when there is a large cavity on the tooth, that may not survive much longer without protection. Therefore a crown can be a good option to improve tooth retention for teeth that are very broken down or heavily filled. As you would expect, there are several options for crown types and your dentist can explain the pros and cons to meet your needs.



Bridgework is another form of restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth by permanently joining an artificial tooth to adjacent teeth or implants. Bridgework is a complex procedure and your dentist can go through the implications with you during your consultation appointment.

When choosing an option, you may also select either NHS under existing rules or private care. All information given about each treatment will be the most up to date.
Please Note: If you require any cosmetic type treatment, this will be offered to you under a private arrangement.