Private Pricing

As of May 2019, the following prices are a guide for how much we may charge for each service. Each treatment plan is individual therefore your dentist will discuss exact costs with you before undergoing treatment. Some of these prices may depend on the complexity of the procedure, the materials used in the procedure, and the technique used to perform the procedure. These will be noted below by a (Based on complexity) or (Based on materials), and the price will be listed as 'From - '.

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Service Pricing
Private Check-Up / Full Mouth Inspection £34
Small X-rays £14 Each
Scaling and Polishing £51
Dental Hygienist £54 per Visit
Periodontal Treatment £77 per Visit
Emergency Appointment £47 for Consultation
Amalgam Fillings From £85 (Max £102)
Composite White Filling From £92 (Max £152)
Extraction (Based on Complexity) From £85 (Max £152)
Root Canal Treatment (Based on Complexity) From £225 (Max £382)
Re-Cement of Crown, Bridge or Veneers £35 - £54
Veneers Crowns and Bridge Units (Based on materials) From £528 per Unit
Removable Dentures From £559 (Variable Options Available)
Tooth Whitening Usually £483
Sports Mouth Guards £77 - £91
Failed to Attend (Including Short-Notice Cancellations) £125 per Hour
Denture Relining £100

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We provide private dental care and advice based on estimated time and type/cost of materials used. The private fees are reviewed regularly and carefully calculated according to the likely time required to do your treatment including any laboratory work necessary. Generally, the time taken will be the same as the booked appointment time, and when you make an appointment, you will be told the amount of time that has been scheduled for you.

As a guide, some typical costs of private treatment (that are uncomplicated) are given below. You will be given a full estimate and treatment plan after examination and will be advised if any proposed changes are considered necessary during your course of treatment. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask your dentist in the first instance, or you may direct your query to a member of staff. We take card payments or cheques. However, we do not accept cheques from new patients.