Here are some of the NHS choices reviews that we have received from patients over the years

We are proud to have received positive reviews from our patients over the years, on our services and the team.


P. C

I needed an urgent appointment for toothache

Having had toothache on and off for a couple of days and had visited my dentist the previous Thursday on the Saturday morning the pain was very severe so I phoned my Dental Practice, the receptionist was very helpful and took details (although she referred to my visit on the Thursday). Phoned me back with a time for an appointment. The tooth was extracted and during my time in the surgery was treated with the utmost respect and kindness. My Dentist told me any problems do not hesitate to contact them. I returned home with the knowledge that should I need to contact them would indeed be in safe and caring hands.

Visited in March 2019. Posted on 02 March 2019



Very professional and courteous

I hadn't been to the dentist in a while, and was pleased to find a surgery best to me that was accepting NHS patients. I booked my initial assessment and was seen by a dentist, she was very polite and reassuring. I needed a filling, so I was bummed in for an appointment for a few weeks later. I was hoping to been seen a bit sooner, as I'd had some tooth ache but it did subside. I had to rebook, which was of my own doing and had to wait a few more weeks. On reflection, the initial waiting time of 3-4 weeks is testament to the popularity of the surgery, rather than its lack of organisation, so I see this as a sort of positive. Having rebooked my appointment I did receive a letter that was incorrectly sent saying that I had missed my first appointment. I called the surgery, the receptionist was very apologetic and resolved the issue immediately, it was a minor error. When I then went in for my appointment I was seen within two minutes of my arrival, excellent! The dentist mentioned the admin error, and apologised again. I thought this was a nice touch that although she is the dentist and not the secretary, she was invoiced enough in all aspects of the daily running of the surgery to know that the minor error had occurred and was gracious enough to mention it to me. As I mentioned before, the dentist was very reassuring, not that I really needed it but it was nice. The treatment itself was first class and over in next to no time. I then booked my next six month check up and was told not to worry about forgetting it, as I would be sent a reminder. Overall I'm very happy indeed with the experience and would highly recommend to others, even if it means I have to wait a bit longer for my appointment!

Visited in May 2019. Posted on 14 August 2019



Supply & fitting of lower denture

I had a lower denture supplied and fitted to replace an unsatisfactory one. The impressions for the new denture were carried out very satisfactorily and the new denture supplied and fitted. This proved to be an excellent fit and restored my confidence both in my appearance, speech and ability to eat "normal" foods. I was requested to return after 4 days and was able to report that I had not had any problems with the new denture.

Visited in November 2018. Posted on 08 November 2018


D. P

High quality dental treatment.

all problems are made clear. All dental treatment is gone over in a helpful and comprehensive way.
the practice deals quickly and clearly whenever action is needed.
As well as efficiency, the practice takes care to be friendly and understanding.
There is the occasional problem with phone calls. But this is a busy dental practice and some leeway and patience is in order.
All in all, I'm very satisfied with this practice and I have no intention of changing.

Visited in October 2018. Posted on 23 October 2018


M. B

cracked tooth and pain sorted me out the same morning excel

New customer, I rang about a cracked tooth and pain I was having they sorted me out the same morning very happy all better now I can eat again .

Visited in July 2018. Posted on 02 July 2018


E. P


Just joined this dental practice and as a nervous patient along with a nervous 7 year old daughter we were treated amazingly.
My dentist was kind,patient and the work we have so far had done has been nothing short of fabulous.
The dentist, along with her nurse put me and my daughter totally at ease and talked my daughter through the procedure she was having done step by step.
I had a massive fear of dentists before I went here. But her compassion and understanding have totally dismissed that feeling now.
The receptionists are helpful and kind also and would recommend this surgery to everybody.
Well done

Visited in July 2018. Posted on 27 July 2018



Root extraction

I am just writing to say that the treatment I received for a root extraction was superb. Time and thought had been given to the procedure as it was an extremely difficult extraction. I had no after-effects. I have been using this practice, along with my husband, for the past fourteen years and have no hesitation in recommending Sandy Dentalcare to anyone.

Visited in May 2018. Posted on 18 May 2018



Thank you

dentist made me feel at ease. I'm over the moon with treatment given as I was worrying about loosing teeth. Thank god for this dentist.waiting time is good and review appointments are reccomend sandy dental care.

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 14 December 2017



Excellent Dentist

For years I have avoided dentists due to nerves, still seen a few when I have to (in pain!) but since moving to sandy and registering here a few years ago this is the best dentist I’ve been to.
Excellent staff, dentists are calm and take their time with you - it’s a great surgery for the nervous patients, which there are many!

Visited in December 2017. Posted on 27 December 2017