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All of our dentists are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). Our Dental Nurses are either registered with the GDC or are working towards their registration.

The Sandy Dentalcare team receive regular training and promotes adhering to the 9 principles published by the GDC (


Coronavirus Guidance for General Dental Practice. As provider of dental services, we follow stringent cross-infection protocols for General Dental Practices to protect patients and staff. You can be reassured that our practice is consistent in following up to date  NHS guidance and Government guidance on Coronavirus.  We  have appointed a coronavirus communication lead, who closely monitors changes in guidance, which is then communicated to our staff and patients.  Patients are continuing to be seen and treated as usual, unless they have symptoms of infection therefore self-isolating. Patients are provided with the use of hand sanitizer, located in the waiting area, and hand washing facities exist within surgeries and toilets.